Our Guarantee

Cattle bred to make you money

At the time of delivery each Burton Simmental bull will have:

  • Semen Test
  • Breeding Function Tests
  • Vaccinations

Starting at delivery and for 90 days:

If a bull is injured or sick (unable to perform duties), Burton Simmental will provide you with a bull (from our spare bull pen) to use through that years breeding season*. If your purchased bull can become sound then you keep him. If the bull cannot become sound, we will credit you the difference between the salvage of the bull and the purchase price at our next bull sale.

**We guarantee our bulls to have a PAP score of 48 or lower at 7,000 ft, PAP score 46 or lower at 6,000 ft, and PAP score 44 or lower at 5,000 ft

* Based on availability.
** Upon request we can arrange to have your purchased bull PAP tested before delivery.


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